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Palm Pixi clears FCC with Verizon frequencies and WiFi in tow


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If you were looking for just one more reason to ditch Sprint then this could be it. A CDMA-flavored Palm Pixi just cleared the FCC -- yes, another one -- and we can say with confidence it's not coming to Sprint this time around. Better yet, Palm's model P121EWW matches up with that P121 code we saw leaked a while back for Big Red (Sprint's model is P120EWW), and this sucker got tested for 802.11b/g WiFi. Looks like that Sprint ad touting the Pixi's non-existent WiFi was more than just wishful thinking. With webOS-powered Palm gear already confirmed on Verizon for "early next year," are you really going to make the jump to a WiFi-less Pixi on Sprint knowing what's on the way? And more importantly, can we expect another terrifying series of ads targeting Sprint this time instead of AT&T?

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