Broadcom announces 1080p camera phone chip, single-chip Blu-ray decoder

Broadcom's busting out some big muscle on the video chip front today, launching both a 1080p smartphone camera chip and a single-chip Blu-ray player chip. The BCM2763 mobile phone chip supports full 1080p video recording and playback, as well as 20 megapixel stills with face / smile detection and image stabilization. There's also support for 3D gaming at 1080p, and HDMI support is included so you can plug into a TV and actually see all those pixels -- and a 20-to-50 percent reduction in power usage means you'll be able to play video over HDMI for "up to 16 hours," although we'd like to see that claim tested in a real handset before we totally buy it. Broadcom's also hyping its new BCM7630 single-chip Blu-ray solution, which offers BD decoding and support for streaming apps like Netflix, Pandora, Vudu and CinemaNow all on a single chip -- and manufacturers can combine it with the new BCM7632 for 3d-Blu-ray support. Single-chip means cheaper Blu-ray decks -- so sure, we'll take it. No word on when any of these chippies are going to end up in production hardware, but we're hoping to hear more about that at CES.