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EVE Dominion dev tour streaming in live video at Xfire, December 17

James Egan

CCP Games and Xfire have teamed up for a live video broadcast this week, a guided developer walkthrough of the Dominion expansion for EVE Online. You can tune in on December 17th at 12:00pm PDT to view the video stream on Xfire's site.

The video broadcast coincides with a contest Xfire is running, details of which can also be found on the Xfire site. The prizes look good -- up to a year of EVE game time, an iPod Nano, and a Razer Naga mouse. Entering Xfire's "EVE 'til EVE" contest, which runs December 15-31, entails signing up to join their game community.

UPDATE: The video broadcast is cancelled due to technical difficulties. Instead there will be a live text chat at 12:00pm PDT (20:00 GMT/UTC) with CCP Soundwave and CCP Guard. You'll need Xfire installed to follow along, with "Chatteox" added to your friends list to check it out.

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