Hot Virtual Keyboard for Windows 7 is hot, virtual, multi-touch
Thought that multitouch support in Windows 7 was only good for putting twice the smudges on your screen in half the time? Here's the app that makes all those blemishes worthwhile. It's the 5.0 release of Hot Virtual Keyboard, which provides the ability to do mindblowing things like hold a shift key while pressing another key to make on-screen letters bigger! Crazy, right? It offers a variety of flavors, including thumb-friendly UMPC models and even a pseudo-ergonomic one, complete with comically oversized spacebar, as apparently those with bad wrists have big thumbs. It's all hugely customizable and could make text entry on that svelte new tablet of yours a little less of a chore -- if you don't mind fronting the $29.95 entry fee.