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Nexus One Bluetooth desktop dock clears the FCC, car clip spotted in the wilds

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy
The slow steady drip of details from the yet to be announced Nexus One continues today with a pair of accessories for the HTC / Google mashup. Above we've got a wireframe of the portrait-mode Desktop Dock to be known as model CR B410. What's unusual here is the inclusion of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR in the dock when the Nexus One is already Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR capable. After all, we've heard that the handset includes a docking connector at its base so what additional functionality would the second Bluetooth radio provide? That mystery aside, the FCC test report also shows a configuration where the dock is tethered via an AV-jack to a DVD player to help pull your multimedia off the slate and into the living room. We've also grabbed a shot of the Nexus One navigating inside a car with the help of a dashboard clip mount -- check it after the break along side another FCC pic.

[Thanks, elli8ness]

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