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Picture of Motorola 'Shadow' leaked, inverted on Taiwanese forum

While everyone's gearing up to celebrate New Year's Eve, it seems that Motorola's busy squeezing out the last bit of rumor juice of 2009. We're looking at what's purported to be Motorola's 'Shadow' (not 'Mirage' as Google Translate unhelpfully suggests) -- a phone with 9mm thickness, 4.3-inch 850x484 screen (larger than the devices on the leaked roadmap), HDMI port and 8-megapixel camera capable of 1080p video recording. Not much else came out of the "tight-lipped" tipster who might've inverted the picture's colors -- see above for our fix -- but an educated guess should point to that friendly green robot (though that battery icon certainly isn't part of Android's game). Any brave souls dare to guess otherwise?

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