We already knew the Nexus One would come baked to a crispy golden brown with a new cut of Android, and we've now heard several mentions of it on-stage at Google's official reveal: Android 2.1 is the real deal. HTC chief Peter Chou has specifically mentioned its 3D capabilities -- something we've seen in the new Gallery app -- but we're looking forward to seeing if El Goog's got any extra tricks up its sleeve here. For what it's worth, dev documentation for 2.1 isn't yet online, but we're keeping an eye out.

Update: Notably, they're saying 2.1 is an extension of Eclair -- no Flan here, as far as we can tell. They've gone through the new integrated weather and news apps, live wallpapers, a 3D framework accessible by devs (thank goodness), and speech-to-text input.

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