We've already told you everything you need to know about the Nexus One. Still, you might be curious to see Google's self-proclaimed "superphone" splayed wide to reveal a Samsung-branded OLED display, Qualcomm QSD8250 "Snapdragon" 1 GHz ARM processor, and Synaptics touchscreen controller. Of interest is a Broadcom chip labeled Broadcom BCM4329EKUBG. Why? Well, the BCM4329 (albeit, without the "EKUBG" qualifier) is capable of 802.11n (HTC only lists 802.11b/g) WiFi in addition to FM transmitter and receiver. Bet you didn't know that? Picture of the Broadcom chip after the break.

Update: Just noticed that Google does list 802.11n on the specs page although HTC does not.

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