We're not quite sure what to make of this, but it appears that the AccuWeather app for S60 5th Edition devices has gone ahead and leaked an unknown Nokia device -- the "Saga" -- which appears to be a sort of N97 Mini Mini (two "Minis" on purpose there) that trades the tilting screen for a more traditional flat sliding one. As Symbian-Guru points out, Nokia itself doesn't typically assign names to its handsets -- it leaves that job to its carrier partners -- so this might simply be a branded version of one of the existing N97 variants, but naturally, the leaked device theory is juicier. At any rate, if this were to come Stateside, they might have a bit of trouble slipping it by Samsung since they've already got a Saga in the mix here, so we'll be keeping an eye out for some blander N, E, or X series label if this gets real.

Update: David Fields of the Nokia Messaging team is saying over on Symbian-Guru that it's simply an N97 Mini -- but that still doesn't explain where the Saga name comes into play. The mystery continues!

Update 2: Another Nokia spokesperson has contacted us to let us know that "Saga" was Nokia's internal codename for the N97 Mini... so yeah, no new hardware here.

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