Sony Online Entertainment has something new for fans waiting on DC Universe Online. No, it's not another NPC reveal. DC Comics will be adding a weekly series to its lineup later this year -- DC Universe: Legends. The series will be based on DC Universe Online, and while the initial reaction from fans might be disappointment that we aren't getting new information about the game, a closer look at the comic series reveals that may be exactly what we are getting. spoke with Executive Editor Dan DiDio for more information on Legends.

DiDio shared some information about the comic, hinting that it will serve as a guide to the DCUO universe as creation of the game progresses: "...we're going to set up the conceit of the universe, how it works and what the rules are. We'll also be trying to work gaming tips and secrets into the body of the book as we move along in the series. You'll see a lot of support material including turnarounds and designs that went into the actual building of the game."

The interview in its entirety can be read at, and contains a fair amount of information (and a few more interesting hints) for anyone interested in the upcoming DCUO.

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