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Improv Electronics Boogie Board brings the chalkboard into the 21st century


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When we hear "paperless LCD writing tablet" our mind starts racing, but unfortunately the new "Boogie Board" tablet from Improv Electronics is more of an update of the chalkboard than anything. The unit is based on a power-free reflective LCD technology (similar to the technology in Fujitsu's Flepia readers), with 50,000 erase cycles, and you can draw on it with anything that can apply pressure (stylus, finger nail, blunt trauma). Unfortunately, it ends there. There's no connection back to a computer. Sure, not bad for $30, and for people who draw often and are tired of their dry erase board or burning through reams of paper it makes sense, but for anyone who draws something they'd like to keep they're likely going to have to look elsewhere.

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