Violent game-opposing UK politician ditches gaming debate

[Image: Flickr user Steve Punter]
Keith Vaz, a member of British parliament whose anti-mature game stance is well-known by his fellow politicians, recently backed out of a debate on violence in video games during the Westminster eForum without any explanation for his absence. According to MCVUK, Vaz was scheduled to square off against Ed Vaizey and Gamers' Voice founder Tom Watson, along with Electronic Arts' Keith Ramsdale, TIGA CEO Richard Wilson, and Eidos' Ian Livingstone.

With no antagonist to debate with, the other parties turned to mocking the no-show politician. "Tell him that the Parliament website has a videogame on its front page," Vaizey remarked, "and no one has been killed yet." We're sure wherever Mr. Vaz might have been at the time of the debate, he felt that burn remotely.

[Via GamePolitics]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.