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3D stole the show at CES 2010

CableLabs starts testing 3D, determines existing set-tops are compatible
Discovery searches for name for 3D channel, 3DNet is on the list
Oppo adds a cheaper Blu-ray player to its lineup with the $289 BDP-80
Digital distribution is the real winner of Warner/Netflix deal
Hulu's subscription service might run $5 for access to select shows
ESPN streaming coming to Xbox 360?
NBC divvies up 835 hours of Winter Olympics action over TV & online, how much curling can you watch?
FCC sides against cable companies restricting local sports HD feeds
Microsoft has AT&T's back, sues TiVo for patent infringement
DirecTV's public beta of multi-room viewing for existing DVRs is on
Poll: Did you buy an internet connected HDTV?

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