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ASUS exec confirms Eee Pad tablet plans, picks a bad day


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We've been hearing rumors of a Tegra-powered Eee Pad tablet for quite a while now, and it looks like ASUS exec Eric Chen has now finally confirmed the obvious, responding to a question about ASUS' tablet plans by saying, "yes, sure. We have the Eee Pad." Unfortunately, he didn't offer too much else in the way of details, saying only that it will have an ARM CPU and a 3G connection, and that Asus is paying particular attention to the user interface (even citing the iPhone as an example). Somewhat curiously, Chen also apparently dropped the term "Eee Book" when talking about ASUS' other plans, which would seem to be the first time it's been used in any sort of official capacity, although it's not clear exactly what he was referring to.

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