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Razer's dual-sided Vespula mousepad: for smooth, seductive mood-swingers

Darren Murph

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Not that we haven't seen multifaceted mousepads before, but there's something quite delectable about Razer's latest. The craftily-named Vespula is the company's first (update: we forgot about the Exactmat!) dual-sided gaming surface, complete with "speed" and "control" sides that supposedly give you the best of both worlds when switching from one genre to the next. Essentially, the speed side is as smooth as a baby's bottom, while the control side adds a textured layer to pick up on the finest wrist twists. There's also a bundled gel-filled wrist rest to keep the ergonomists happy, and if you're interested, you can get yours right now for $34.99 (or €34.99 elsewhere).

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