If you ask us, our theory is that the Daleks are rather huggable by nature, but they probably partied a tad too hard with these beer-toting fellas before trashing the world. One such "Heineken Bot" -- crafted by the geniuses at Middlesex University -- turned up at Kinetica Art Fair in London. Daring humans can stop this drifting bot by hovering their hands above its sonar-sensing head, and then place a cup in its holder for some bevvy spat out of its keg. When you're served, the lonewolf continues to wander along its pre-programmed path, probably waiting for the assassination signal from Skynet. See for yourself after the break while you're still alive.

Update: Chris Barlow from the project team has just hit us with a video of the upgraded Heinken Bot. Check it out after the break.
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Heineken Bot at Kinetica Art Fair 2010

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