We've got Motorola's latest Blur handset in hand, Devour-ing ill-advised puns like it's a full time job. You can check out this aluminum slider in all its consumer-friendly glory in the gallery below, see it sized up against big brother Droid right below that, and there are some initial impressions and a video walkthrough after the break.
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Motorola Devour goes hands-on

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Motorola Droid faces off with Devour

Here are some of our initial thoughts:
The phone will then hit Verizon stores in March for $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Buyers will also need to sign up for a Nationwide Talk plan and the $30 unlimited data package, part of Verizon's new-ish smartphone plan restrictions -- though really, you're not going to get much done on this phone without a data plan.

Update: We got some bad information, and now have the official Best Buy pricing straight from Best Buy's Facebook page: The Devour will retail for $99 starting on February 25th, but the Droid will also be dropped to $99, and the Droid Eris is going to be free from Big Blue. Meanwhile, Verizon is sticking to its $149 pricetag at its own stores, which involves a $100 rebate. (Thanks to everyone who pointed this out).