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Canon Rebel T2i / 550D demonstrates 1080p video mode, collects glowing early preview

Vlad Savov

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We seriously need to open up an Austrian branch of Engadget. After treating us to a titanium iPhone, the Governator's homeland is now playing host to the first professionally shot 1080p video with the new T2i / 550D from Canon. Nino Leitner has shot a moody short film with a pre-production unit and his conclusion has been that the video you can obtain from the latest prosumer shooter is indistinguishable from the output of the mighty Canon 7D. High praise indeed, but not altogether unexpected considering the T2i sports an all-new 18 megapixel sensor (that is "very similar" to the 7D's) and has had its 1080p recording upgraded to the requisite 30fps to make it a viable shooting mode. Skip past the break to have a look at his results or visit the source for Nino's in-depth preview. Nikon, you've been put on notice.

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