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At this point it doesn't look like Managed copy will ever get here

Ben Drawbaugh

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Oh Managed Copy, the feature that made such a big stink so early on in the Format War still can't seem to become a reality. It was bad enough that it took until the very last version of the AACS to even be defined. Now here we are six months later and although last month all the studios have signed the new AACS license, Managed Copy doesn't seem any closer. It doesn't matter that all the discs being shipped today support it, because evidently the license servers aren't anywhere near being operational. In fact the only thing that has seemed to have happened in the last six months -- other than discs shipping today that support it -- is that we caught a demo of it from Pioneer in September at CEDIA and Cyberlink was telling people at CES that PowerDVD will support it this year. Don't get us wrong, we still think it's coming, but it just need to go ahead and get here already.

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