We're ready to hand out our first award for CeBIT 2010. The most confusing product of the year ribbon goes to German company Smartbook, who's decided to produce a portable computer with a shell design and 3G connectivity that... isn't actually a smartbook (or what we understand the term to mean anyway). Instead of capitalizing on the built-in marketing appeal of its name, Smartbook AG staunchly persists in believing it's a real laptop maker, and is readying a new thin-and-light machine to prove just that. To be known as the Logo, this will be an Intel CULV-powered 11.6-incher, with a 1366 x 768 resolution, Windows 7 Home Premium and a stingy 1GB of RAM on board. In other words, the Acer Timeline 1810T, only a few months later and priced to (never) sell: €699 ($944). Boy, we've heard of corporate hubris before but this is getting silly now.