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PlayStation Network down, so are lots of PS3s (update)

Nilay Patel

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It's unclear exactly what's going on at the moment, but it appears that the PlayStation Network is down and causing a whole host of related problems for PS3 systems, including 8001050F error codes, game crashes, corrupted trophy info, and even the complete inability to launch certain titles. There's no ETA on when things will get back to normal -- looks like it's gonna be a Blu-ray kind of evening for PS3 owners out there.

Update: Sony's tweeted that it's "looking into it," and our boys at Joy say that owners of original PS3s are seeing their clocks reset and even data loss in some cases. We'll keep you updated.

Update 2: Given that issues started to appear as February 28th became March 1st, it's being speculated that the PSN woes are related to an improper handling of leap years. Similar to the issue that bricked those Zunes back in 2008. Sorry, manually setting your date doesn't help, we tried.

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