Electric motorcycles are getting more and more common, and while we don't think they'll ever quite capture the rush of an internal-combustion engine threatening to fly into bits as it screams toward red-line, they are starting to offer their own... unique charms. This model is a Norwegian prototype, based on a Honda chassis that had its tail chopped and motor stripped, replaced by stacks of Nickel-Metal batteries, then wrapped in some custom bodywork. The bike sports a touchscreen dash powered by Ubuntu that offers both stats about the bike (speed, temperature, etc.) as well as GPS navigation and, presumably, on the go games of Tux Racer. It's a one-off built by Green School Motorcycles and Akershus University College, and there's plenty more information about it in a video at the source link below -- if you speak Norwegian.

Update: We have a slightly more flattering picture courtesy of Robert at Green School Motorcycles.

[Thanks, dsbilling]