"Sockintosh" power adapter foot cozy keeps your feet warm, might light you on fire

Rachael Burns, based on her knitting abilities, will make an excellent grandma some day. She's knitted a pretty sweet foot cozy that turns your Apple power adapter into a foot warming device. Rachel says she knitted the aptly-named Sockintosh after realizing she constantly used her power adapter to keep her feet warm.

Rachel is quick to point out that the Sockintosh was knitted as a joke. "Your power adapter should be kept very well ventilated for safety reasons. Don't set fire to yourself please. And don't tell me to go and die thank you."

So readers, remember, don't go making your own Sockintosh because you could burn to death and don't tell Rachel to die because she's got a bright future as a grandma who knits ugly Christmas sweaters for her grandchildren who were hoping for that new iPad instead.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.