The upcoming Singularity from Raven Software is supposed to give you the power to age objects just by gesturing at them, and it appears that ability is being tested on the game itself: Its release date has been slowly edging into the future, from early 2010 up into March and then on to June. But it seems like the timeshifting has finally come to an end, as both Amazon and Gamefly have listed the game as releasing on June 29th of this year.

Activision originally cited the delay as an attempt to keep the game away from a crowded slate of "competitive titles," so perhaps the game will do better kicking off the dog days of summer. If Raven's time-bending twist on the FPS captures your interest, it'll be one more good reason to stay out of that hot, hot summer sun.

[Thanks, Shagittarius]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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