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PS3 meets Hori LCD dock, good things happen

Vlad Savov

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Hori is a company that's no stranger to strapping LCDs to consoles and calling them portable, but for some reason we're quite smitten with its latest monitor docking station. The HP3-87 doesn't stray too far from the formula -- it adds an 11.6-inch screen to a wraparound structure for your PS3, with stereo speakers, two headphone jacks, and composite or component input options. With a resolution of 1,366 x 768, it's well suited to handling the 16:9 signal coming out of the do-everything console, although its 500:1 contrast ratio, 7ms response time, and 200 nits of brightness are perhaps a tiny step behind the times. On the other hand, it's compatible with the Japan-only Torne DTV adapter and it's officially licensed by Sony itself, so it can't be too bad, right? All you Tokyo-ites will have until May 27 to decide, when the HP3-87 goes on sale for ¥26,040 ($276). International release plans are not yet disclosed, but if you really need the portability, you could always grab a PS3 laptop from your local online auction house. Which option will be more useful (less useless?) we leave up to you to decide.

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