Have ten minutes? Play an RPG from beginning to end with Synopsis Quest

Joystiq publishes a story about every thirty minutes. While you wait for the next post to appear on the site, you can constantly hit F5 and click on every single ad you see ... or, you can play Synopsis Quest. Broken up into 25 micro-games, Synopsis Quest reduces the quintessential elements of every JRPG, from character creation, to finding a princess, to escaping a prison, and more.

The solution to many of the puzzles won't be immediately apparent, unless you've been trained to recognize JRPG conventions. In many situations, doing what you're "supposed" to do will lead to disastrous results. Think outside of the box, and you'll be able to beat an RPG -- from beginning to end -- in about ten minutes. Good luck!

[Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.