Tomorrow, Apple will introduce its iPhone OS 4.0 roadmap. And we'll be there, metaliveblogging our hearts out as the events unroll. The big mystery tonight, at least here in TUAW-land, is who will give the speech. Is this going to be a big-time Steve Jobs keynote? Or can we expect Phil Schiller to pick up the slack? Is it time for Scott Forstall to take his turn in the sun, or is there someone else waiting in the wings?

Get on your best predictive sunglasses and let us know who you think will be pitching the 4.0 update tomorrow in the poll below.

Who's going to give the iPhone OS 4.0 presentation?
Steve Jobs. Of course. Boom!4716 (51.9%)
Phil Schiller. Because you don't need to be Steve Jobs to introduce the awesome.686 (7.6%)
Scott Forstall. It's all about the OS.2556 (28.1%)
Someone else. I'll tell you who in the comments.126 (1.4%)
iPhone OS 4.0? Shiny!1002 (11.0%)

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