Choose the adventures of the staff as we level our characters in <It came from the Blog> on US Zangarmarsh-H.

Robinemia speaks:
I am tired of the Barrens. The constant orange glare is annoying. Also, I was promised something fun called "Barrens Chat" and was hoping to show off my wit and fashion sense to the locals while participating. Barrens Chat has been very quiet and most disappointing. I request that our questing grounds be changed to the cool environs of Silverpine Forest. Of course, I will abide by the majority vote.
The polls for this week are about Robinemia's request and what dungeon to visit, if any. Also, don't forget that Gurubashi Beatdown II is this Sunday. You still have time to level up a DK to participate. The polls are after the break.

This poll is slightly misleading. If you choose that we remain in the Barrens, I can't promise that Robinemia will stop whining.
Should we move our questing zone?
Stay in the Barrens and stop whining!1037 (36.3%)
Move to Silverpine Forest.1819 (63.7%)

Patent, Faience and Robinemia are all currently 14, so we will have to level a little in order to use the Dungeon Finder. But that should be quickly accomplished.
Which dungeon?
Ragefire Chasm194 (6.9%)
Deadmines496 (17.5%)
Wailing Caverns252 (8.9%)
Shadowfang Keep363 (12.8%)
Leave it up to the Dungeon Finder1447 (51.1%)
No dungeon79 (2.8%)

Polls end on Sunday and the results will be up on Monday.

If you want to join in on the fun of Choose My Adventure, please join us on US Zangarmarsh-H in <It came from the Blog>. Ask Robiness, Robinemia or any member online for an invite. Guild ranks of Lurker or above have the ability to invite. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules, that can be summed up with "Don't be a Funsucker!" Also, please see the guild FAQ for the most common questions.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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