Earlier this month, an unknown manufacturer had the dubious distinction of making our KIRF list, for building what appeared to be a Nexus One running iPhone OS. Mr. Blurrycam couldn't tell for sure... but today the KIRFtastic handset has been unveiled in all its infringing glory. Dubbed the "TEG W3000," the device is billed as a quad-band GSM worldphone with an accelerometer, WiFi and Bluetooth, front and back-facing 2 megapixel cameras, FM and analog TV tuners and Java support. While the iPhoney OS doesn't seem to have a App Store hackjob, the phone certainly has apps; in an interface pic, we spotted eBuddy, Facebook and Skype alongside Maps and the Opera web browser. Hands-down the most exciting ripoff in recent memory. Now cautiously whistle a happy tune, and move along.

KIRF: 'Teg 3000,' the fake Nexus One

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Keepin' it real fake redux: Nexus One clone is 'Teg W3000,' has WiFi, dual cameras, TV tuner and Skype