Still monkeying around with that Finepix Real 3D W1 camera, somewhat confused about what exactly you bought it for? Take heart, bandwagon jumper -- the bridge you've been searching for has just been constructed. Fujifilm has recently introduced a new card reader / HD player for use with its year-old 3D point-and-shoot, and judging by the topic of conversation at this year's CES, it sure seems like the timing is far better this go 'round. Put simply, the HDP-L1 (¥4,000; $43) accepts both 2D and 3D content stored on SD / SDHC cards from your W1, and the HDMI output pipes that content directly onto your shiny new 3D HDTV for at-home enjoyment. We're told that it'll also work with that antediluvian 2D content as well, but let's be honest -- you didn't buy a 3D camera just to shoot in 2D, now did you? On second thought, don't answer that.