Back in the day, the Heroes of Might and Magic series was the definition of "just one more turn!" gameplay. Even in the face of real-time strategy titles, HoMaM stuck to their turn-based guns and challenged players to explore a fantasy land, conquer towns, build up armies, and survive the inevitable epic conflict.

Likewise, in the face of real-time 3D MMORPGs, Heroes of Might and Magic Online is holding tight to what made it so popular -- a lush isometric look coupled with turn-based exploration and combat. Hoping to recapture the players who loved the single-player titles -- and draw in a new crowd -- Ubisoft has announced the launch of the HoMaMO closed beta this past weekend.

The closed beta will end with a data wipe, per the results of a player survey, so no need to worry about getting off on the wrong foot. With eight factions to choose from and exciting PvE and PvP campaigns awaiting, the temptation to explore Heroes of Might and Magic Online may prove strong indeed.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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