Interested to know how you were gonna fill up that Chrome OS app page? Google just announced its new online web app store at I/O. So far they've shown off Dark Room for image editing, a pretty slick version of TweetDeck, and yes, like every other platform known to man, there's Plants. vs. Zombies and Lego Star Wars. Paid-for software will be offered -- Dark Room is $4.99, if you want to go ahead and put that money aside. No word on a launch date, but we'll keep pushing for more. We were just shown a demo of Sports Illustrated's interactive magazine, and we gotta say, it's mighty impressive -- embedded video, fully searchable, and some pretty clever tricks with geolocation that frankly exceed most anything we've seen on the iPad thus far. The web store -- for Chrome and Chrome OS -- will hit the dev channel "soon."
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Sports Illustrated Chrome app