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Boss turns DS-1 Distortion pedal into USB mouse, changes the game forever

Darren Murph

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Any touring guitar player worth his / her salt likely owns a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner pedal, and while he / she certainly balked at the MSRP at checkout, they probably couldn't live without it now. And this, friends, is yet another item that you surely cannot live without... but sadly, you'll have to. As the story goes, Boss was offering up this DS-1 Distortion USB mouse as a limited run item on its UK website, but at just £29.99 ($43), they unsurprisingly sold out in record time. Now, there's nary a trace of the device on the outfit's webstore, but at least you've got MusicRadar's hands-on images in the source link to soothe the hurt. What's that? It only makes things worse? Dim the lights, grab the eye-black and cue the Brand New, please.

[Thanks, Geoff]

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