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MSI robot vacuums invade Computex, set sights on Roomba (updated)


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We don't have a ton of details on these just yet, but MSI has rolled into Computex with something of a surprise: a new line of robot vacuums. As you can see, they look remarkably similar to iRobot's Roomba vacuums, and they apparently come in three different versions: the standard M800 Smart Vacuum Robot, the R500 Slim Vacuum Robot, and the R1300 Security Vacuum Robot, the latter of which adds a camera and internet connectivity for some low-level surveillance. No word on pricing or availability just yet either, but MSI has at least kindly put together a wonderfully soothing promotional video. Check it out after the break.

Update: We've been told from the floor at Computex that MSI will begin shipping its new robots in Q1 2011 for about $150 (model R500), $450 (M800), and $600 (R1300). They are still undecided if this will include North American and European markets.

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