Heads up, all you Apple-obsessed wastelanders! Icarus has updated their OS X Fallen Earth beta client, and they want you to take it for a spin. Notable fixes for this version include a Wine core update to 1.2RC2 (which includes a lengthy list of technical optimizations), and a tweak for the updater executable file which corrects the "initiating download sequence" error that has hamstrung some testers.

If you're already using the Fallen Earth Mac Beta client, you can update by downloading new versions of the FallenEarth.app file as well as the FEUpdaterMac.exe file.

You can also peruse the Mac Beta FAQ on the official site, as well as pick up the new 500 MB download that includes the latest Wine binary and Mac updater. Additionally, you can check out the original press release and accompanying forum post.

This article was originally published on Massively.