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What happened to the white iPhone 4?

Chris Ziegler

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It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but Best Buy has just gotten around to confirming that it won't have any stock of the white iPhone 4 come launch day on Thursday -- the same situation that both AT&T and Apple itself are in. For many buyers, it's not a big deal -- either they don't mind the black version, or they'd planned on buying black anyway -- but for others, this is putting a significant crimp on the launch day festivities. We reached out to Apple and got this:

"There is tremendous excitement for the new iPhone 4 and we are working to get as many of them into the hands of customers as possible. At launch, we have the black models available for purchase and we will be adding the white models as quickly as we can."
In other words, they're not revealing much of anything -- okay, scratch that, they're not revealing anything at all about its mystery-shrouded delay, the circumstances behind it, or how long we can expect to wait. So here's our question: what, exactly, happened to the white iPhone 4?%Poll-48396%

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