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Mystery Nokia slider shows off proto-Symbian^3 one last time, commits cellular suicide (video)

Sean Hollister

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We never did quite get the name of Nokia's prototype slider -- it certainly isn't the C7, and it's apparently not the N9 -- but regardless of what you call our dearly departed, its journey is over. In what will no doubt be a fairly familiar tale to readers everywhere, TechnoBuffalo saw the phone remotely wiped right before their eyes, and Negri Electronics (our original source) says they've got private investigators breathing down their necks for the device. Stalwart to the bitter end, RM-626 gave one last performance before it dropped. See the 4-inch handset play an embedded YouTube video after the break if you must, but be sure to stop at the 5:45 mark. For true phone lovers, the rest is too painful to watch.

[Thanks, Larry N.]

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