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Penguin United's Eagle Eye brings WASD to your PS3 shooters, disrespect to your enemies (video)

Tim Stevens

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With the PS3's plethora of USB ports scattered across the front, you'd think it'd be a no-brainer that all shooters on the console would support keyboard and mouse controls to make the FPS purists happy. Sadly that's not nearly the case, so it's up to companies like Penguin United (creators of a fine array of silly Wii peripherals) to fill the void. The Eagle Eye is its attempt, a surprisingly sizable box with an unfortunately short 2-foot USB cable and inputs for mouse and keyboard. Using buttons on that box you assign controller inputs to keys and away you go, hunting the Helgath's worst in WASD. The cost is a bit steep at $60 when it ships later this month, but nobody said having a (possibly imaginary) unfair advantage over the competition would be cheap.

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Seamlessly Transfers Command from PS3 Controller to PC Mouse and Keyboard for

Lag-Free First Person Shooters

FREMONT, CA (JULY, 2010) – Penguin United launched its Eagle-Eye Converter at E3 and the response from attendees was overwhelming and unanimous – first person shooting games play better using a mouse and keyboard. The Eagle-Eye, which converts a keyboard and mouse into a controller for PlayStation® 3, was widely praised by gamers and journalists for its accuracy and lag-free response (E3 Attendee Response).

One of the drawbacks with playing first-person shooters is the lack of speed and accuracy offered by traditional console controllers. The Eagle-Eye simply bypasses the controller by transferring the button features directly to a computer keyboard and mouse. The Eagle-Eye offers an amazing alternative for fans of shooting games, providing the seamless and smooth shooting experience of a PC game.

"We were so excited by the response the Eagle-Eye received from gamers, journalists and retailers at E3," stated Richard Huang, President of Penguin United. "The most consistent feedback we got from people was about the lack of lag time using the mouse. Everyone who tested it was amazed by how accurate and smooth the mouse works on games like Kill Zone 2 and Modern Warfare." Continued Huang: "As one gamer jokingly put it; 'the Eagle-Eye is the best console controller since the PC was invented'."

Product Highlights:

· Converts any standard USB HID Keyboard and Mouse into a PS3 Controller
· Adjust Mouse sensitivity through the game's option menu.
· 1 to 1 translation from the PS3 right analog stick to the mouse movement for an ultra accurate aim in FPS.
· Maps out all PS3 buttons and left analog stick via included software to customize your control. Right analog stick defaults to mouse movement.
· Compatible with all PS3 games.
· USB 2.0 Keyboard and Mouse inputs.
· 2 ft. USB cable connects to PS3.
· Turbo option for X, triangle, square, circle, L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons
· Programmable Macro Functions to turn any single key into a combination of moves.
· Compatible with all PS3 console versions, future proof with firmware updates.
· Quick, easy set up in less than 1 minute with included software
· SRP: $59.99

About Penguin United

Penguin United ( was established by gamers for gamers and is dedicated to enhancing the experience of electronic entertainment. Penguin's mission is to provide gamers with a cost-effective line of video game accessories that are equal in quality, performance and reliability to other similar products on the market. Phone: 888-988-3388

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