We posted about Fruit Ninja way back when it was first released on the App Store, and since then it's become a qualified hit on the iPhone, with over a million downloads and lots and lots of kiwis and bananas slashed in half. The folks over at Halfbrick have now announced that they're bringing the game to the iPad with Fruit Ninja HD, and you can see the trailer above.

The game has updated graphics, of course, and it will also include multiplayer modes -- both Classic mode, and something called Zen Duel. Additionally, you'll be able to multitouch with up to eight fingers at a time, there will be multiple blades and backgrounds to play with, and Halfbrick says that the iPad version will enjoy updates right alongside the iPhone version, with more modes, items, and surprises coming in the future.

Sounds good. The game is due out this Wednesday on the App Store and will sell for $4.99.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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