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Wrap your iPhone 4 in Swarovski crystals


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Now that Apple has all but confirmed that the iPhone 4 needs a case to work correctly, you might as well go as over-the-top as possible, right? Enter this Swarovski crystal case from Caze -- over 1500 Swarovski glass crystals covering every part of the iPhone's sides and back, encircling your handset in garish, diamond-like ... erm ... luxury? Just in case the classic silver version above isn't flashy enough for you, the case is also available in Gold, Blue, or Pink. And if you so choose, you can even get a free crystal Apple logo along with your purchase.

Sheesh. I can't say I'd want my iPhone looking like that, but each to his or her own, I guess. And wait for the price: the case will set you back a full $199 plus shipping and tax. In other words, probably the same thing you paid for the 16gb iPhone underneath it. If you've got an extra $200 sitting around and want to make your iPhone extra shiny, I'm sure Caze will happily help you out.

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