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Google acquires Slide, aims to 'build a more social web'

Darren Murph

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We can't say we've ever heard of Slide (okay, maybe in passing), but there's a good chance the entire tech universe will know their name after today. Why? Google just picked 'em up for an undisclosed amount of cheddar and good will, with the overriding goal of "building a more social web." Google's own announcement is rather cryptic, nothing that there aren't any "detailed product plans to share right now." We're guessing that some of the company's web apps will be fleshed out with social features at first, but the minute we see Farmville load within an applet in Gmail, we're gone, baby, gone. And that's a promise.

Update: Reuters is reporting that Google shelled out a staggering $182 million for Slide, not to mention an extra $46 million in "employee retention bonuses." It pays to be wanted, eh? Thanks, Chris!

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