Mafia 2 trailer showcases tech behind the game

The latest trailer for Mafia 2 showcases some of the reasons we had such a great time playing it last month: attention to detail. Specifically, 2K Czech team members explain in the clip how the game engine powering the title goes a long way in making the world feel alive. NPCs wait for traffic signals, react naturally when you interact with them (for instance, smashing head-on into their automobile will elicit lots of shouting), and objects in the environment respond accordingly as well.

Though we might argue that main character Vito Scaletta probably doesn't need to mow down that totally innocent phone booth (as seen in the video after the break), the action does its job of impressing upon us the physicality of Empire Bay. We'll get another chance to try out the game this coming Tuesday when the demo hits, and will get the full retail release just two weeks later on the 24th.%Gallery-97815%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.