Latest Splatterhouse trailer shows off retro roots, machetes them

The strangest concept for us about this fall's Splatterhouse re-imagining is the departure it takes from the series' 16-bit origins. Oddly, the latest trailer features a mashup of the original game with the new one, spliced with music from the original. We'll be honest -- it's pretty confusing.

That, however, is significantly less of an issue than one of the screenshots Namco sent along with the new trailer. It's ... well, let's just say it's probably not the safest image for your boss to see. Or anyone, really. Actually, you know what? Maybe just stick with the trailer for now. Besides, you probably don't have enough Tide in your house to get out the stains left by this screen. We sure didn't.%Gallery-99731%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.