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iPads complement primary computers, threaten secondary ones


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Here's a bit of news that you might have already figured out for yourself. Your primary computer doesn't need to feel threatened by your iPad. Sure, your Mac (or PC) probably felt a little uneasy when you brought that slim, trim, shiny, and lets not forget - magical - little number into your home, but it knew, oh yes it did, that you would come crawling back sooner or later. And you did, didn't you? In fact, you came crawling back straight away because you needed your primary computer to get your iPad up and running, didn't you?

As noted by Macsimum News, according to market research firm Technology Business Research (TBR), the iPad will displace many consumers' secondary computers, but not their primary ones, creating a third category for personal computing and connectivity (laptop, smartphone, and tablet).

TBR's study points to Apple's success with the iPad, noting that consumers want quick, easy access to their email and the Web in a device that's more portable than a laptop while providing instant-on and more usability than a smartphone. In light of this, TBR believes the market will support all three device styles with only some ground lost by laptops to tablets.

To illustrate this point, Macsimum News reports that analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. has informed clients that the iPad is "slightly cannibalizing" the entry level MacBook, but otherwise Mac sales for the September quarter could hit a record 3.8 million.

So, there's no sign of Mac sales slowing down despite the introduction of the iPad. And, for now, your primary computer can hold onto its rightful place in your digital life / family.

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