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Seat's Ibe concept is the electric sport coupe of our dreams we'll probably never wake up to

Tim Stevens
Seat doesn't have much of a presence here in the US. In fact, we're sure 10 out of 10 'Mericans would mispronounce the Spanish company's name given the chance. (It's "SAY-at," for the record.) And that's totally fine, because at this point Seat largely produces generally boring VW-based hatchbacks, sedans, and vans. The Ibe concept, however, is good reason to get a little more familiar with the brand. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, this curvaceous coupe offers 2+2 seating and a deliciously lithe 2,425lb curb weight, doubly notable due to the batteries required to spin its entirely electric underpinnings. The heart is a 102hp motor with 148lb/ft of torque, offering a top speed of 100mph, 81 miles of range, and a 0-60 time of about 10 seconds. Okay, so that's performance more in-line with Honda's CR-Z than Tesla's Roadster, but the weight and torque should make it a blast to drive -- assuming it ever sees production. If it does it certainly won't be filled with the lovely white interior pictured after the break. Imagine trying to keep that clean...