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Motorola sneaks out Roadster in-car speakerphone, Finiti and CommandOne BT headsets

Darren Murph
Nah, this trio isn't nearly as flashy as Motorola's spate of new smartphones, but those still rockin' the earpiece (or trying to avoid a 'talking-while-driving' ticket) may be interested in the outfit's newest line of peripherals. Here at Fall CTIA 2010, Moto unveiled the Roadster in-car speakerphone alongside the Finiti and CommandOne Bluetooth headsets. From top to bottom, the Roadster is a clip-on device that goes on your visor, boasting dual-microphone noise cancellation technology and MotoSpeak -- a technology that reads your texts allows and accepts voice replies. There's an integrated battery that can withstand up to 20 hours of yapping (or three weeks of nothingness), and there's even an FM transmitter thrown in for good measure. The Finiti BT headset was engineered with "extreme conditions" in mind, adding to the Elite series with a trifecta of microphones and the aforesaid MotoSpeak read-back technology. It can supposedly let you carry on a conversion with 40 mile per hour winds whirling around you, but we're hoping you'd never actually be able to put it to the test. Finally, the CommandOne -- for all intents and purposes -- is simply a less rugged, differently styled version. The whole lot lands in Q4, but mum's the word on pricing.