TERA enchantment crystals explained

While we've seen plenty of screenshots, videos, and armor renders for En Masse Entertainment's upcoming TERA MMORPG, in-depth information on game mechanics has been a bit scarce. Today, the game's official website has been updated with a lengthy article on the basics of enchantment crystals, giving TERA fans a better idea of the game's equipment customization and playstyle flexibility.

In a nutshell, crystals are consumable items that players place on their weapons and armor. Unequipping them and/or dying may destroy said crystals, and this mechanic is presumably based -- at least in part -- on random number generation. Basic crystals grant increases to HP or MP, while rarer crystals only activate under certain conditions (but provide a much larger bonus).

The article also mentions the three tiers of TERA bosses and how crystals affect them, as well as a few example crystals and their effects. Read all about it on the official website.
This article was originally published on Massively.