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Droid 2 Global (and specs) make brief cameo on Motorola's website

Ross Miller

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There and gone again: a Droid's tale. Looks like Motorola's website had a temporary hiccup on the site, and out its proverbial mouth came a listing and some specs for the Droid 2 Global -- which, as you might gather from a name like that, appears to be a Droid 2 with Quad Band antenna for world use (sound familiar?). The site also lists a 1.2GHz processor a redesigned QWERTY keyboard, and a host of key words for the business demographic. Or rather, it listed such things, past tense, as the information has now been pulled. No pictures were ever posted, but if we were betting folk, we'd wager a name like that and a call-out to "redesigned keyboard" means everything else is just as you'd expect.

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