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TomTom App for iPhone hits version 1.5, adds further iPhone 4 support and 'navigate-to-photo'


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TomTom was quick off the mark with multitasking in its iPhone app -- and it's hard to think of an app other than Pandora that benefits more from its inclusion -- but TomTom isn't stopping there. The new 1.5 version adds enhanced graphics to match the new iPhone 4 screen resolution, along with "faster, more-responsive navigation" on that handset. Not good enough for you? Try the new navigate-to-photo feature, a not-a-gimmick-at-all addition that allows you to select a geotagged photo as your destination instead of messing around with pesky addresses and facts. The update is free for existing users, newcomers will have to shell out $50 for the US version.

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