TERA fly-through videos show off Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu

En Masse Entertainment invites you to run to the hills, the Celestial Hills to be exact (and you don't even have to be in a big-haired metal band). The North American publisher for Bluehole Studio's TERA MMORPG has released a pair of fly-through videos to close out the week, showing off both the Celestial Hills and the Pora Elinu regions of Arborea.

The hills feature a series of mysterious monoliths -- rock formations whose true origin and purpose is unknown -- as well as bands of roving cultists and deadly orcans. Pora Elinu is the tree-city home of the popori race and, though the land of endless night holds many beautiful sights and sounds, it also plays hosts to deadly dangers including cultists and vampirs.

Check out both of the new videos after the cut or at GameTrailers.

This article was originally published on Massively.